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A project manager working for and with leading venues, event and marketing agencies, corporate clients and dealer networks from the Czech Republic, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Currently connecting the world of events with the world of ones and zeros in Simpleflow, supporting events of any size and in any way needed in H2 Events, and finding and providing IT/development solutions in Elasticle.



Originally an accountant, who failed the first test in accounting at the University of Economics by trying to apply his corporate knowledge to the academic environment (however, I aced the other two as they were lectured by PhD students with very similar corporate experience), then absorbed to the world of events by SAZKA ARENA (currently O2 arena).

The youngest full-time employee at the time learning how to manage a group of 50 cashiers and shift managers, who were mostly older. But as the work included lots of reports, numbers and accounting and I was (and still am) very fond of Excel, the memories stay great. I also participated in the O2 rebranding and development of a new ticketing system for the venue. Since then I am able to read 900 pages of SAP documentation overnight, while still being able to provide meaningful comments to it.

O2 arena started to promote its events in 2008 with the show of Celine Dion. Dedicated production department was founded very soon and since ticketing and pricing were and still are two of the most substantial parts of any commercial event I became a member of the department almost instantly. Shows of Black Eyed Peas, Leonard Cohen, Beyoncé and more followed.

Also, sometime in 2008, I bet one of my best friends that I will be admitted to the Faculty of Law at Charles University without any prior preparation. I succeeded and won 5 beers. I also got a perfect lesson about ROI as the application bore a fee of 500 CZK.

In 2010 I was promoted to lead the Lease/Sales Department, which was my last full-time position in the arena as I have decided to switch the business sides. Instead of leasing venues, I started to rent them for my new employer, an event agency. But the arena is still a place that I love to work for and I have returned twice so far (in 2016 for the very first Laver Cup in history and in 2018 to the very first UFC in the Czech Republic). And I believe they still have my number over there. Do you, right?

The event agency... Almost three years of non-stop action at events and sourcing the unsourceable goods and services to some of the largest companies in our domestic market. I honestly do not remember all of the events that I have participated at, but I remember some of the highlights. I will keep these for myself, but we did some fine work. Anyway, a new possibility opened up and I switched the sides again. A new venue was being built (or more of dug) in Prague and I was hired as one of the 4 original employees. After finishing the building and its fitting, we were disbanded, but no hard feelings.

I quickly joined my friends at H2 Events as a project manager and started building a business that was to be entirely mine in a few years. I was also freelancing on many projects for both Czech and German event agencies, went back to the arena as mentioned before, and co-founded two more companies (Elasticle, a software development/IT consultancy company, and Simpleflow, a SaaS company for guest management).

To mention at least one of my large scale projects, I would definitely pick the coordination and support of up to 150 ŠKODA dealers in preparation of their own events to promote new ŠKODA models all over the Czech Republic. I was in charge of the whole project three times in 2015, 2016 and 2017. There is a saying in Czech language, something like "I know everything, I saw everything, I was everywhere... Twice!". I do not know everything, I did not see everything, but limiting the location to the Czech Republic, I was everywhere. At least twice, because I usually droved something around 40 000 km per year as part of the project.

Now you know the story. Feel free to contact me if you think I can be of any help.

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